Candice has lost her mom. She finds it difficult to connect with her dad. Her little brother is…well, a little brother. 

But on the banks of Outlet River, Candice meets Jake, and everything changes. 

All sixteen-year-old Candice wants is to regain some of the happiness she had before she lost her mom. Between taking care of her little brother and trying to get her workaholic dad to stop avoiding family life, she spends her time trying to draw the perfect reflection of her emotions in her sketchbook.

Candice hopes that taking a family camping trip to their old site in Sandbanks Provincial Park might bring back some memories and change things for the better.

She is about to get her wish…but not in the way she thought!

After an unsettling meeting, Candice forms a friendship with Jake—a tattooed cutie, who starts to grow on her. He has a trusty beagle, a great smile… and he makes her blush. He also challenges her to be honest with her dad. 

Can Jake help Candice and her family find their way back to each other?

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